Aviation Accidents

While aviation accidents involving private aircraft, small propeller planes and helicopters usually cause significant loss of life, airline disasters often claim the lives of hundreds of passengers and crew as well as bystanders on the ground.

Commercial airlines and private charter companies are responsible for hiring, training and supervising their pilots, mechanics and aircrew as well as inspecting and maintaining their aircraft and components.  Failure to carry out any of these responsibilities in a careful way can have catastrophic results.

Among the most common causes of aviation accidents are human error or pilot negligence, controller negligence, manufacturing defects, and maintenance errors.  Aviation accidents can involve multiple defendants.

When multiple defendants are involved, each separate claim requires an independent analysis and immediate decisions must be made early on to determine which claims have a reasonable probability of success.  The National Transportation Safety Board is one of the largest agencies in the world that investigates aviation accidents.  The NTSB also investigates aviation accidents involving commercial aircraft to determine the cause of a given accident.  It fact, the NTSB investigates approximately 2,000 aviation-related accidents every year from smaller, personal aircraft to the largest jet planes in the world.  The NTSB also assists in major airline crash investigations overseas involving U.S. manufactured aircraft and components as well as U.S. registered aircraft.

After an aviation accident, we initially review the preliminary report of the NTSB and quickly put together the team of experts who will have the best chance of successfully resolving your claim.  After several months of tests and analysis, a final report and safety recommendations are drafted by NTSB investigators and presented to the full five-member board for discussion and approval, often at a public meeting in Washington.  The entire process, from onsite investigation to the final report, normally takes 12 to 18 months.  The final approved report, along with additional investigation data, is available under the Freedom of Information Act.

The experienced Law Offices of Jorge L. Flores, P.A., has extensive experience in the litigation of personal injury cases.  We know and are well acquainted with state and federal regulations and how to use them to effectively handle your case.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an aviation accident, we can help get the compensation you and your family need and deserve.  We will aggressively pursue your claim to obtain the maximum compensation available under the law.