Dangerous and Defective Products

Oftentimes the use of dangerous or defective products results in catastrophic injuries or death of thousands of consumers each year in Florida and throughout the United States.

The Law Offices of Jorge L. Flores, P.A. has the necessary experience and financial resources to litigate product defect cases involving numerous types of defective products.

When a product is sold to the general public it should be safe and suitable for its intended use. When manufacturers fail to design or manufacture their products safely and in conformity with applicable industry standards or fail to adequately warn of foreseeable harm, the results can be devastating.  All too often, consumers or innocent bystanders are killed or caused to suffer spinal cord injuries, facial disfigurement, debilitating burn injuries, brain injuries, paraplegia, quadriplegia, paralysis, amputations, illnesses and other serious conditions as the result of dangerous or defective products.

A product is considered defective in Florida, when it is unreasonably dangerous to the user or consumer. There are generally three categories of product defects:

Design Defects
Manufacturing Defects
Marketing Defects such as improper labeling of a product, inadequate warning or deficient instructions

If you or a loved one has been injured from a dangerously defective product, we can help get the compensation you need and deserve. We will aggressively pursue your claim to obtain the maximum compensation available under the law.